The other racists

Nasar Karim
9 min readAug 20, 2020

It’s not just the white supremacists

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

“May he live in interesting times” says the Chinese proverb, meaning may he live in really bad times. In 2020, we certainly find ourselves in interesting times. The West that once seemed so glorious is facing undeniable decline. Western leaders who once seemed so respectable and sensible, are now widely ridiculed and reviled, even by their own electorate. And it’s becoming painfully clear that overt, systematic and routinely brutal ethnic cleansing and racism played a central role in building the two premier Western powers.

The United Kingdom became a superpower on the back of it’s naval might and the looting and virtual enslavement of it’s colonies. The United States established itself on the back of slavery and the ethnic cleansing of the ‘the new world.’

In the UK we have a Prime Minister who will change all his opinions and policies at the roll of a dice if he thinks it will further his career, just like he did with Brexit. He also has a well documented history of dishonesty and thinks the children of single mothers are ‘ill raised, ignorant, illiterate and illegitimate.’ Now he has abandoned his own ex wife and children maybe he’ll regret that statement, but I doubt it.

Former Prime Minister David Cameron, has more or less openly admitted he made a terrible mistake with the Brexit referendum, vastly underestimating the British public’s susceptibility to the hate mongering and lying of career psychopaths like Nigel Farrage. Farrage hinself would no doubt bang the drum for whoever offered to pay him most, regardless of their ethnicity, as long as they didn’t ask him to give up his EU pension or put in a real day’s work anywhere.

The situation across the pond is not so different. Islamaphobia is practically a presidential badge of honour, science and journalism have been demoted to the the status of witchcraft, and the country is facing up to a longstanding pandemic of law enforcement officers killing African Americans. Oh, did you think I meant the other pandemic, COVID 19? According the President that was just a conspiracy. In a biographical standup sketch from the 1970’s Richard Pryor said “When the police came, I went in the house, cos they got Magnums too, and they don’t kill cars, they kill niggaaaars.” It seems like little progress has been made…