The only good Arab is a dead Arab

You can’t write that! It’s racist, it incites hatred and it’s unacceptable. But I’m writing it anyway, because nobody else will. The British Broadcasting Corporation didn’t mention it, even when they reported on the annual Israeli flag march that sees tens of thousands of Israelis marching through Arab neighbourhoods singing it, whilst they attack locals. The marchers are supported by the police, and the military. Together they march, attacking girls, boys, men, and women.

“The only good Arab is a dead Arab” they sing. And “Death to Arabs! May your village burn.”

Early reports of this years march stated that 79 Palestinians were wounded and 28 were hospitalised. Video footage shows armed Israeli police, soldiers and settlers attacking women and young girls.

I’m not making any of this up.

The international community condemns the march, but it happens anyway. International law prohibits the building of the homes that the marchers live in, built on the seized and demolished homes of the Arabs they so revile. But every year thousands more illegal settlers arrive, unabashed in their ethnic hatred. They are armed and protected by the state.

This year, 70,000 Israelis took part in the march, waving their flags and singing their racist slogans. For most of the Western media, the flag march which celebrates the Israeli seizure of Palestinian land in 1967, is a ‘sensitive’ event, just like anything to do with undeniable violence, racism, law breaking or apartheid committed by Israel. If it can’t be denied, it must be handled carefully. It’s very ‘sensitive.’

The Associated Press, who had their offices bombed by Israel last year, reported today that Israeli police have arrested dozens of Palestinians but no Israelis following the ‘racist march’.

Whilst the Israeli flag march is an almost annual event (it did not go ahead in 2021 due to rising tensions following Israeli forces attacking Muslim worshippers at the Al Aqsa Masjid), the mere presence of the Palestinian flag is seen as a provocation by Israel.

When Israeli police attacked pallbearers at the funeral of the Palestinian American journalist, they said it was because her coffin was draped in a Palestinian flag. Israeli police later smashed the windows of her funeral car, and grabbed the flag from inside it.

The Israeli Parliament has voted to outlaw the display of any ‘enemy flags’, including the Palestinian flag, and police have protected settlers taking down Palestinian flags. Eli Cohen, head of the Likud party has tweeted that anybody who sees themselves as a Palestinian will ‘receive all the help required to move to Gaza on a one way route.’

Gaza is the world’s largest open air prison, where Israel denies basic human rights like access to water, freedom of movement, and access to medical care to nearly two million Palestinians. A 2012 UN report predicted that Gaza would become unliveable by 2020 if Israel did not lift its blockades.

The blockades continue.




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Nasar Karim

Nasar Karim

BSc Psychology. Writer. Dreamer. Poet. Addicted to risk.