Ramblings of an omnivore

T-bone is good
T-bone’s amazing
I imagine that cut
When I see cows grazing
And when I’m stuffed with steak
And hot sauce that’s blazing
Say whatever you want,
I’ll be happily lazing.

Just once a month
Occasionally less
A little of everything
Moderation is best.
The meat and the veg
The roots and the legs
The novel cuisine
The guidebooks suggest.

Don’t try too hard
Avoid excess stress
Don’t eat too much
Look good undressed.
How many days now
Have passed since we grazed
Make little changes
And you’ll be amazed how
Much of a change
Is well within range
At first new ideas
Seem stupid and strange.

But if you add the right sauce
It goes down a treat
I just can’t swallow the thought
Of life without meat.

I forgot
It didn’t seem worth it.

There’s treasure
But I can’t unearth it.

I gave up
It’s been over a year.

A few people make it
It doesn’t seem fair.

There must be a way
That's better than this,
It’s when things make some sense
That's what I miss.

It’s when you think
It’s worthwhile
And you’re getting somewhere
That’s great
I’m not sure if I care.

Nasar Karim

A writer addicted to risk and dreams

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